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  • The SAGW give a price in the domain of human sciences and social sciences
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    Open Positions / Positions ouvertes / Stellen-Angebote

    Would you like to place an ad here? / Wollen Sie hier ein Inserat platzieren? / Voulez-vous annoncer une position ouverte ici?


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    Advertisements on the website stat.ch: conditions

    Ads are shown on the appropriate page of the website and, if suitable, published in the bulletin of the Swiss Statistical Society

    Open positions

    We are very interested to learn about open positions in statistics. Therefore, they are put on the website for free. Commercial firms are asked for a contribution of CHF 200.-.

    We also encourage you to place an ad in the bulletin which appears three times a year (March, Mai or June, October). It is sent to over 400 members of the Swiss Statistical Society. Cost of ads: CHF 100.- for 1/4 page, CHF 200.- for 1/2 page, CHF 300.- for 1 page. For academic institutions, this fee can be reduced.

    The most welcome way to submit such an ad is by sending an ascii file (without attachment) containing html code. If necessary, we can generate this from word documents.

    Software and other commercial advertisements

    Ads in the bulletin go together with ads on the web, including a link to the website of the company. For cost, see above.

    Small miscellaneous ads (Kleininserate)

    Ads by individual members of the society and non-commercial ads are free, up to optional contributions.

    For placing an ad

    of any category, please contact
    • <sss@imsd.ch> for ads which should appear in the bulletin or for ads on this web site.


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